Resilience – the Social Effects of a Psychological Theory

DATUM: Donnerstag, 01. März 2018
ZEIT: 09:00 – 10:00 Uhr
PLANUNG UND MODERATION: Prof. Dr. Eva Illouz (Jerusalem/Israel)

This keynote will review the notion of resilience which has become very fashionable in France and in the USA. It was promoted by positivist psychologists but quickly found its way in popular culture. In my keynote I examine critically the social effects of the psychological notion of resilience. And I try to fi nd an answer to the question why the most conservative forces of society as the US-Army and the world of corporations find an interest in the idea. Sociologists know well that once concepts start circulating in the social field, they can change function, justifying hierarchies and implicit ideologies, even if this was not their original vocation. Resilience is no exception, as I will show in my keynote.